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Dreaming big

Gravy Boone is a young inventor with dreams of winning the Marion County Science Fair. In his first book, Gravy and the Boattrain, he builds an all-terrain vehicle that's sure to win top prize. One person stands in Gravy's path to victory; his childhood nemesis Melvin Snurley. Melvin's determined to make sure Gravy doesn't make it to the science fair at all costs. The battle between the two young scientists boils to an explosive showdown that stretches the boundaries of science. Will Gravy make to the finish line or will Melvin destroy the Boattrain and take all the glory for his own? Read the ultimate science fair

Big or small, Gravy's good for all

If you're nine or ninety-nine, Gravy and the Boattrain is perfect for you. Parents and grandparents love reading to their young ones, dreaming together in the world of Gravy Boone. Watching your child's eyes grow wild with excitement as they dream up creations of their own is a joy like no other. Inspire a future innovator by reading this amazing story today .


Hop on the Boattrain

If you love friendship, adventure, and most of all SCIENCE , then strap in a chair and read Gravy and the Boattrain. Read the eBook exclusively on Amazon

Kids love Gravy and the Boattrain. Join the scientific revolution and start reading now!

About the author

David Hurd is an author and software developer from Indiana. His first book Gravy and the Boattrain is an exciting adventure that explores a young boy’s desire to win the Marion County Science Fair. David hopes that Gravy and the Boattrain will inspire a new generation of scientists, sparking their imagination and creativity to help build a better future for us all. He lives in small town near Indianapolis, Indiana with a woman who loves him, five children that feed his imagination, and two cats that seem to own his favorite writing chair.

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